"Live by design, not by default."

Don't know who said it, but I love it. 

I am a user experience designer with a focus on research and strategy, and a goal of always working with purpose and mindfulness.  I am deeply interested in sustainability, system design, and social entrepreneurship, and am still figuring out how to blend those interests with my background in marketing, software design, and integrated product development. I am a hybrid thinker, bouncing back and forth between technical and creative disciplines easily, and I find that empathy and perspective are my keys to the world of design.

The majority of my career thus far as been spent at O’Reilly Media, IBM and New Medio (now owned by ITX). 

After living in bigger cities across the U.S., I now call small-town Michigan my home, where my partner & I are slowly but sure redoing our mid-century modern home. In our free time, we are playing with our daughter and puttering in the outdoors as much as we can.

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