The Mine Fellowship

As a member of the first cohort of The Mine social entrepreneurship & professional development program, my team and I created OneGiantLeap, a prototype focused on increasing attendance of well-child checks amongst Oklahoma Medicaid patients through an educational web portal connecting patients to their assigned primary care provider (PCP).  Our iterative design process took almost seven months, with the guidance of mentors throughout the community as well as the University of Oklahoma Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth.

By the end of the fellowship program in May 2014, our team developed a base set of 12 copyrighted quizzes that enable Oklahoma Medicaid parents to accurately measure their child’s development against medically-accepted milestones, as well as connect them to their PCPs.

THRML prototype at the Impact-a-thon event

THRML prototype at the Impact-a-thon event

THRML Wearable Shelter

Impact-a-thon was a five-day contest held at Carnegie Mellon University, challenging students to think about how they might develop an overflow shelter system for the homeless during winter months.  After multiple rounds of brainstorming and interviews with shelters across Pittsburgh, we developed THRML, a wearable shelter that enables mobility as well as comfort for both day and night use. 

THRML operates on rechargeable sodium acetate heat packs, which can be sanitized and reheated simply by boiling them in water.  Each pack provides up to eight hours of heat, and ideally could last even longer if we were able to take our concept further and do more research.  The heat packs would be recharged through a simple kiosk system scattered throughout areas of concentrated homeless populations to enable minimal travel to and from the recharge stations each day.