Design Research

I’ve spent most of my time at IBM thus far as a UX Researcher on the POWER Systems Design team, using research methods to uncover insights that drive the design strategy for POWER software products.  My research has varied across projects, from understanding the collaborative purchase process of IT infrastructure, to uncovering the pain points that system administrators and IT managers face as they keep their data centers secure and compliant.  I work closely with my design team (which includes UX, Visual and Front-end Dev), as well as actively collaborate with engineering and product management to ensure our design work is as effective as possible.

User research methods I’ve recently used:

  • 1x1 user interviews
  • Focus groups (bleh)
  • Surveys
  • Card-sorting
  • Time on task
  • Usability testing
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • System Usability Scale (SUS)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)


POWER Systems Website

My most recent work has been conducting in-depth design research regarding user needs of the POWER website.  The site is not only a technical resource for POWER users to refer to, but also a vital sales reference for Business Partners and IBM Sales to refer customers of all levels of technical understanding to learn about POWER Systems.  Through the methods above and working closely with Sponsor Users, I worked with my team to drive the new design strategy of the POWER Systems website around user needs and their pain points with the current site.  Through a final round of usability testing, we received feedback from IBM customers that, I daresay, validates the new direction we created through extensive research and user-centered design: 

"It's concise, to the point, you have the detailed hardware mapping information....oh! oh...oh!  Holy..... Do you have any idea how hard I had to look for this information and now it's just sitting right here???  This is home-run material.  This is absolutely home-run material.  I would just come here every week just to check in." — IBM Customer

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 8.41.04 AM.png


The other portion of my time is spent facilitating IBM Design Thinking across product teams, teaching design thinking methodologies to engineering and business teams.  We hold multi-day workshops to educate these teams on ways that design thinking can spark innovation, resolve team logistical issues, or create new value in existing IBM products by applying new ways of thinking that help teams to keep their users (and their users’ needs) at the core of everything they create.

Read more about our methods by checking out IBM Design Thinking, the methodology created through IBM Design to help everyone in the company apply design thinking at scale.


Since I can't tell you a lot about what I work on, I thought you might want to at least see the view from my desk.  (By the way, the end of the rainbow is, in fact, at Whole Foods). 

I also get to occasionally have meetings in this conference room (if I'm lucky).