New Medio - Background

I spent the majority of my career thus far working as a project manager at New Medio, a custom software development boutique in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Talk about drinking from a firehose: forty-five client projects and three years later, I gained intensive experience in:

Software Specifications

In one example, the client came to our company with a concept for a software application to size submersible natural gas pumps for a drill site, integrating a variety of petroleum engineering calculations and dynamic settings delivered from the client’s inventory & resource management systems. 

With our sales engineer and client, I developed the user flow required for specifying software functionality, seen below. Together, we developed the project plan and I later managed the project's internal production team as well as the six energy consultants on the client side in order to see the project to fruition.  

Project Management 

On another project (seen right), the client needed an iPad app designed and developed within a tight two-week timeframe for a large fundraising event.  

As project lead, I quickly assembled the print material and event's promotional posters given to my team from the client, and adapted their content to replicable app layouts and information architecture that were easy to duplicate for the iPad application. I passed the structure and wireframes to our developers and designer, and then managed the final production of the app. 

Download the app at: 


Client Case Study - J. Houston Homes


J. Houston Homes in Dallas, Texas was a budding community developer in need of a custom web solution that fit homebuilders’ specific needs to find, attract and cultivate sales leads online.


My team and I built a website and customer relationship management system (CRM) tailored to J. Houston’s needs for their DFW metro area market.  The website’s forms feed directly into the CRM, which also pulls sales leads from other major real estate XML feeds such as Builder Home Site and  This allows tiered permissions for the J. Houston staff to send targeted email campaigns and manage on-site leads all through our proprietary CRM and content management system. I oversaw development as project manager for launch and maintenance additions over the course of two and a half years.


J. Houston Homes has tripled its size in under two years since using our suite of custom-tailored homebuilder CRM tools.  When they started with my team and I, they had only 10 communities in the DFW-metro area.  Now, they have over thirty communities and are expanding to two more metro areas as of fall 2014.  

References available upon request.  Visit for more info on the awesome work produced by this team.