"What is your ethos (as a person, designer, family member, student, friend, etc)? Think of your rhetoric: what is your logos, if you had to describe the logic of your behavior what drives you? Pathos, what emotions move you? What pathos do you like to arouse in others? What ethos do you have or want to have? Who are you as a person, designer, family member, student, friend, brother, sister, cousin, etc? In other words, what imprint do you add to the world? or what do you aspire your ethos to be? What matters to you?"

This is my mattering map. These are evolving notes and musings on who I am. 

My parents’ one rule: “Always be able to support yourself; never have to depend on a man.”   

How do you figure out what you want to do, who you want to be, and how to portray that to others?


To me, meaning and purpose beyond simply work, but also in volunteering and more transparent effects on society itself through questioning and examining wicked problems. Growing up surrounded by poverty and poverty-related issues has always motivated me to have some kind of impact, and I think defines my ethos in a number of ways.  


Relationships, connectivity to people and community matter to me.  I am energized after dealing with people, and find huge value in understanding others and working with other people closely.  I was not designed to live alone, however I also find wisdom in spending time alone to recenter myself.  I really value the people I love, and helping them to have a good life as well as helping others who are in different circumstances than I am.


Empathy is a big driver for me.  I am a diffuser of tension and generally try to work under the assumption that I know nothing about what’s going on in another person’s life, so there is a lot of room for them and I to create shared understanding.  This also definitely runs the risk of making me a pushover, or having people take advantage of me, which has happened.


The logic of my behavior is driven by some level of perception of what I can do for others, as well as what I can do to not hurt others.  ow am I myself a closed loop system of people/relationships/helping people?  I feed other people which in turn feeds me.  

"There is a huge exchange between what is real, true and ideal through what is asserted and meant, what is conceived and known, what causes action and what is sought in action." 

Everybody’s actions are reasonable through this framework because you don’t know what their definition of the real or the ideal is.  It’s this fact that keeps me running as a people person, because so often people are too close-minded or perhaps simply lack perception to see that this is the case.  

Complete freedom ends on where you start impacting other people.

People that are more resilient have one thing in common: they invest in a lot of different kinds of relationships.

We’re talking more about a process of living your life rather than an outcome.

“Ethos emerges from the way one makes decisions, the ways one lives on a day-to-day basis, the way one dwells. Those decisions are informed by one’s values, one’s practical wisdom, and one’s goodwill, all of which are addressed in detail by Aristotle.” - Craig R. Smith

There is the balance still between choice and letting life happen.  


— Much of the above is based on reflection of the works of Craig R. Smith and Richard McKeon